Multi-Disciplinary Smile Rejuvenation

In the new age of cosmetic enhancement, it’s very common that the procedures include a variety of specialized fields, including:

  • Short term orthodontics either removable or fixed to reposition misaligned teeth prior to conventional cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Bleaching either “home” or “chair side in office bleaching” to remove tenacious stains and yellowish discolorations.
  • Teeth colored aesthetic restorations to replace unsightly dark silver fillings often visible in the corners of your mouth
  • Replacing missing teeth via dental implants either Ceramic or Titanium to fill gaps or replace inadequate fixed bridges or removable partial dentures.

To help you choose the right treatment, we can show you Before and After images of smile rejuvenation performed for other clients. A separate try in appointment also helps us to provide you with truly beautiful results that will last for years to come.